Consulting Global, LLC
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Consulting Global, LLC is a consulting firm that specializes in customized document imaging and management solution in a global market
Our services includes:
-Scanning and archiving all documents
-Making all documents available online in customized software
We provide an innovative and progressive solution that will grow with the client. We also offer superior IT consultancy to maximize any investment.
Celebrating over 30 Years of Service Excellence and Growth.
"We have literally buildings full of classified files (being medical files, student records files, other administrative files, etc...) that are left to rotten because the space to store them is becoming a problem, Information is buried in those files for ever. In some places, plans are to burn them to make space. ... "
Our state of the art technology consists of:
document evaluation
document scanning
document processing
securely saving the document
making document available to client
All done through our proprietary software and technology
Our story in video.