Consulting Global, LLC
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Celebrating over 30 Years of Service Excellence and Growth.
Consulting Global, LLC relies on over 30 years of experience in providing any business organization with a peace of mind and state of the art customized document storage solution by scanning and imaging any format, size, and color of document and guaranteeing an any place and any time retrieval capability through the internet.
Our solution process is structured in three main stages.
              Document Scanning
                   We scan:
                   Any Type of document
                   Any Format
                   Any Size
                   Any Color
    Our state of the art software saves the document image in any electronic format (pdf, tiif,) with any number of indexes.
     The complete file can be saved and made available to designated users throughout the organization.
     Any index such as name, account number, social security, date can be used to retrieve the document.
     A web search on intranet or internet is available.
Our Mission Statement
Our Solution Process
Over 30 years of experience in data processing and consultancy at your fingertip.
Disaster Recovery
     Any electronic device can fail at any given time and our job is to have our clients systems disaster proof.
Our Financial Consultancy Solution
Consulting Global LLC includes the most experienced Finances services available. We offer:
CPA services
A client with the state of the art technology and sound financial support can face any situation.
Backup and restore are always part of our process to mitigate any disaster impact.